Mallionaire REPORT

Money's just paper. True wealth is much more complex. How much is a perfect surf worth ?

How much value do you place on a clean swell ?

What does an off-shore wind cost on Ebay ?

Surfers don't respect a dollar.

The shore line was not lined with golden limousines, but our tongues were drooling like a Golden Labrador waiting for his meatybites.

What a day !

Thanks from our Club to all the sponsors, the contestants, the workers, and to Kahuna for helping us make it all happen.

We were all Mallionairesfor a day.


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Merimbula Sailboard Club presents

The Mallionaire

Saturday 16th May 2015

Artwork by Stan Squire

1. Phil Overend
2. Chris Wright
3. Glen Wright
4. Campbell Wright
5. Josh Keogh
6. Peter Byard

Womens Hannah Centra
Grommets under 15 James carew
Juniors 16-18 Mitch Blaxter
Local Clancy Mills new Bushrat custom board for best wave
Mens 18-34 Casey Gilbert
Masters 35-45 Jed Done
Veterans 45-60 Dave Prowse
Grey grommets >60 Tony Haid
Highest placed non local Phil Coates Jindabyne

Sponsored by Bushrat surfboards, Fox clothing, Viccolo’s Merimbula ,Woodbine Park, Merimbula Surf Shop, Pambula Wholefoods (munchies high energy food)and Pete Hellmrich family...$100 on junior trophy .Quiksilver, Roxy Hazelgrove oysters
Bushrat Surfboards have donated a new Malibu custom made board which will go to a needy surfer.


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Looking Ahead

This year's Merimbula Classic sailboard/kitesurfing/stand-up paddle board event will be held from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th November 2015

This epic event is now in its 35th year. If you would like more details on how you could become a much loved sponsor, please contact Contest Director John Smythe.