History of the Merimbula Classic 1981 - 2017

The posters and T shirts have always been an integral part of the contest.. a cheeky and sometimes provocative reflection on the mood and the issuesof the timesor of the past and sometimes a peek into the future. Always fun and a definite talking point.
Part 2 The Nineties
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Nov 1990 Winged doggie poster. Our 10th event was some kind of milestone 194 competitors. Jason ripped in SE at Main Beach, hideous aerials. Holly North took the women's crown.
Nov 1991 The flaming arse dog poster. 169 sailors, Jason beat Stewie Martin, Alyson Gearing won the ladies.
Nov 1992 Mambolympics wasn't an olympic event however contestants still had to undergo rigid drug testing for the first time. Fortunately all passed the tests. Stewie Martin takes it out, with Ingrid the womens champ.
Nov 1993 The year of the devil. Once again it was Stewies mambo with sailing at MAin Beach, the Bar & Tathra. Helen Pohl shone for the ladies.The best since 1987.
Nov 1994 No joking, very serious it said on the swastika'd poster. 143 sailors enjoyed 3 days of perfect conditions at Main Beachs and 2 days at Tathra. The reawakening of Rohan to take out his 3rd event with Deb Lindstrom for the ladies.
Nov 1995 Jacques Chirac poster "don't shit in our nest " 155 sailors. Mallacoota and Main Beachwere perfect. Rohan took it out (his 4th) from Mat Tobin. Jethro paid us out (and Craig) Ingrid again for the ladies
Nov 1996 This was the year of the pig. The poster of farmer Pfieffer demonstrated mambo's recognition of the versatility of MS club members. 127 sailors enjoyed one good day at Tathra. Ian Greenleaf won also Lisa Girle.
Nov 1997 .Dog eat dog. 115 sailors, a true bi-centenary celebration of George Bass' discovery and recognition of the wave sailing potential of the far south coast. Se/Ne/Se at Main Beach. Taken out by the dynamic Matt Tobin and Lisa Girle again.
Nov 1998 The galleon poster. 100plus sailors with 3 days sailing. NE at Main Beach & Tathra, SE at the Bar. Shane Finnigan won with Lisa Girle making it three in a row.
Nov 1999 The leap of faith. 156 sailors enjoyed 3 days sailing. The best was Friday with South/SE at Main beach. The emergence of kites. It was Grubby's event with Jane Seaman for the ladies.