Merimbula really turned on the conditions for the 34th Merimbula classic. Sunshine, wind and swell over the 4 days delighted the 220 contestants.

Full report from event co-ordinator John Smythe

Links to fantastic beach photos/video taken over 3 days by photographer Peter Whiter

Russel Bean's wave sailing photos

Read "The Big Blue" by Henry for some random thoughts on the event

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Presentation Night

Kite surfing winner Airton Cozzolini thanks his sponsors North Kites and Red Bull, at the presentation. with Leo Loro, Lee Kavanagh, and Beau Pilgrim

John Messsenger with the Outstanding all round peformer trophy

Ladies kite winner Michelle Malmedal Sollar, with Jess Braun and Erin Secombe

A jubilant Brad Hampson (with Henry)

Junior kite winners James Carew, Beau Blake, Tom Zovzut

Locals. Peter O'Keefe (kite), Paul DeZwart (SUP), John Drews ( wave sail)

Grand Masters Kite: Jeff Steele, Glen Brunette, Angus Schofield

BWS kite winner Peri Roberts with Ben Wilson




JB excelled in all 3 disciplines

Final Results


Outstanding All round performer John Messenger

Horizon Big Air Award       Airton Cozzolini

Ben Wilson Kite week and Namotu Island prize
(The BW kiter of the  future) James Carew & Peri Roberts

The Gary McKenzie-Smith Award Dean Hendrie

 Algie up & comer award    Anna Grieve

Philthy Phil Award     Alex-Lewis Hughes

Big Wave Dave Award        Jean Primrose


KITE SURFING          
1. Airton Cozzolini               Sardinia
2.Leonardo Loro                 Brazil
3.Lee Kavanagh                  Old Bar
4.Beau Pilgrim                     Caves Beach

1.Shane Finnigan                Noosa
2.Tom White                         Barwon Heads
3.Matt Ruthven                   Fingal

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Kai Bates                          Mollymook
2.Andy Davies                     Collaroy
3.Scott Hardiman                Newport


1.Michelle Malmedal Sollar              Central Coast
2.Jessica Braun                                  Stockton Beach
3.Erin Secombe                                  Port Macquarie

1.Kym Symonds                                    SA
2.Cheryl Cater                                      Merimbula
3.Carolyn Nugent                                 Merimbula

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Melissa McMannus                          Wollamia
2.Tess Adema
3.Jill Wong                                             Dee Why

KITE SURFING                
1.James Carew                                       Beaumaris
2.Beau Blake                                          Sunshine Coast
3.Tom Zovzut

1.Taj Ladkin                                           Gerroa
2.Alex Halank                                        St George’sBasin
3.Jack Johnston

1.HarryMaskell                       Wambera

2.Dean Heffernan                     Kiama
3.Jamie Scott                            Narrawallee


1.Brad Hampson                                  Cronulla
2.Ben Williams                                     Queenscliff
3.Shane Simpson                                 Thirroul

1.Jason Cater                                        Mollymook
2.Ben Johnson                                       Maroubra
3.Ty Andrews                                          St Marys

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING

1.Robert Stranieri                                Pambula

2.Marco Gribi                                        WA

3.Keiran O’Rierdon                              Dee Why 


1.Glen Brunette                                    Broadwater
2.Angus Schofield                                 Dalmeny
3.Jeff Steele

1.Warren Holder                                   Gerroa
2.Stephen Myers                                  Central Coast
3.Dave Frame                                       Vaucluse

1.John Engel                                         Bayview
2.Jason McMannus                             Wollomia
3.Scott Penwann                                   Currumbin

KITE SURFING                             Peter O’Keefe              
WAVE SAILING                             John Drews
SUP                                               Paul De Zwartz


Lahui kai Merimbula bay run
Men                     Evan Green
Women               Jean Ringrose                              
Masters              Ben Brown
Grand Masters   John Engel

Another year, another Classic, hope you got home safely and a big thanks for coming.
We had 4 great days of surf and wind so everyone had a chance to get wet.
Day 1 was an easterly on shore day and the swell was small and a bit choppy.
(Friday) the ocean was glassy in the morning and the swell was there with good banks, so the Suppers were in their element, and the swell and wind started to build. By lunch time it was cranking and by 3 oclock the wind was great, the swell was still rising and it was epic. By late afternoon the wind was dying (but not the swell ) and Suppers were on the job again. Friday was a peak performance day.
Day 3, Saturday was a repeat, only a little less wind, and a little less swell, but still really nice conditions to hold a surfing contest, in the warm water and cloudless sky.
Party night took place Sat. night and we had a real good time. Danced hard.
Final day (Sunday) dawned grey with less wind so it all seemed to be slowly winding down. The sun slowly broke through but we had been spoilt by Friday and it was a lay-back day. Presentation night saw lots of happy people. Thanks to our wonderful generous sponsors for making it such a success.
Thanks to Merimbula Sailboard Club for running it so well. It was epic.

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Links to fantastic beach photos/video taken over 3 days by photographer Peter Whiter

"WOW" was the word

Wow...what was THAT? Wow... that's UNREAL, Wow... is that even POSSIBLE?

Airton Cozzolini had everyone "wowing"

From sun-up to sun-down he was out there on the water doing manoevures that blew our mind.

And the hair! The white water of the rooster tails just highlighted those free flowing dreadlocks.. "Wow" again.

On land Airtonwas also a winner... happy, polite, generous, friendly and humble. It was a pleasure to welcome him to the Merimbula tribe.

Come back to Merimbula and wow us again Airton.

You are always very wowcome!