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Good Vibrations RESULTS
 Kite Surfing          
1.James Carew
2.Jack Bailey
3.James Ropner                 USA
Wave Sailing
1.Dean Hendrie                    Bonnel’s Bay
2.Angus McMillan              Wollongong
3.Sam Green
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Kai Bates                          Ulladulla
2.Harry Maskell
3.Dylan Henry
 Kite Surfing 
1.Peri Roberts                             Newcastle
2.Michel Blinkhorn                     Byron Bay
3.Colen Carrol               Hood River USA
Wave Sailing
1.Cheryl Cater                             Ulladulla
2.Kayleigh Brown                        Scotland
3.Carolyn Nugent                        Tathra
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Brissa Malaga                                    Peru
2.Kelly Whitehouse                   Minnie Water
3.Angela Crawford                                                             
  • JUNIOR (under 18) DIVISION
Kite Surfing  
1.Charlie Wise                             WA
2.Beau Blake                              Sunshine Coast
3. Aaron Kenny              
Wave Sailing
1.James Fink
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Josh Stretton                       Boat Harbour
2.Harrison Kane
3.Marshall Kane
 Kite Surfing  
1.Lee Kavanagh                                    Old Bar 
2.Ben Williams                            Queenscliff
3.Rob Kidnie
Wave Sailing
1.Adrian Levy                                    Cronulla
2.Matt Ruthven                            Broken Head
3.Ben Johnson                                     Maroubra
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Roger Saunders                       Minnie Waters
2.Andy Davies                              Sydney
3.Mick Slattery
Kite Surfing 
1.Brad Hampson                                   Cronulla
2.Glen Brunette                             Broadwater
3.Jeff Steele
Wave Sailing
1.Warren Holder                                   Kiama
2.Jason Cater                                       Ulladulla
3.Oliver Barta                                    Gold Coast
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Marty Carter
2.Warwick Lee
3.Scott McKercher                              WA
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Melissa McMannus                   Wollomia
2.Madelaine Rayner
3.Jean Ringrose                          Melbourne
 Kite Surfing     Peter O’Keefe              
Wave Sailing    Ginna Graham                  
SUP                        Rob Stanieri


Merimbula Sailboard Club presents

Good, good, good Vibrations

Thanks to everyone who made the 2017 Merimbula Classic a breezy bit of fun.
A huge high pressure system settled out in the Tasman Sea and laid out its beach towel, lathered on the sunscreen, and then fell fast asleep.
We’ve had solid gusty NE winds for well over a week now.
The only problem is that the swell has also fallen asleep, and so waves were pretty scratchy.

But, that said, there was no way it was gonna’ stop 200 waterlovin’ dudes from getting wet.  It was certainly windy enough to get out there and give it a shot and try to win a wonderful prize.
Huge thanks to the sponsors who give so generously, and we should definitely all reciprocate by buying their products. Xmas is coming. Pick up a gift and pretend it’s from Santa.
Friday night was a food and beer scene, with the Pambula Beach Garage Band playing great rock’n-roll, and assorted visitors joined in for the jam. If you’re wondering what the Friday night flash-dance was all about… it was a celebration to show our appreciation to John Smythe… contest director for 37 years. Good old Joffa bought 150 Tshirts for the dancers to wear, so thanks ‘bro. See it here
The Saturday Night Party was amazing. Beach-bums rockin’ it out to the great music from The Figmentz is a very cool sight to see. You’ll find photos of a variety of colourful characters strutting their stuff on facebook and instagram #merimbulasailboardclub
The theme this year was “Good Vibrations” (as in The Beach Boys song) and that worked very well. Lots of hugs and kisses and high-fives energised the event.
Next year the theme will be “Staying Alive” from Saturday Night Fever… so we’ll all be keen to try to stay alive if Joffa brings up his Ford Thunderbird and does burn-outs in the car park dressed up in a white satin suit like John Travolta.
Thanks to the Merimbula Sailboard Club members. Everyone was amazing AGAIN. They all reckon they’re  “staying alive” just so the club won’t collapse if we all get too  bloody old to remember the date for next year’s event. Thurs 22nd – Sunday 25th November 2018
Thanks to everybody for coming along and enjoying the fun. The people in Merimbula love to see this colourful event with everyone shootin’ the breeze.
Upload and tag your photos with #merimbulasailboardclub and #merimbulaclassic. Action shots, party pics,  general scenes around the event are all welcome. We are especially looking forward to seeing the group shot from Saturday night. .
Please watch Ocean Ramsey’s Ted Talk on you tube (before we cull all the sharks and kill the ocean.)
Let me leave you with a funny one I once saw on Scotty O’Connor’s Namotu site: here... This dude had bigger balls than Dog-man ever dreamed about. ........... Henry

This year's special awards were given to those who really shone in their sport in their achievements, their efforts and their contribution to the success of the event as a whole.
 Ben Wilson Kite week / Namotu Island prize ( BW kiter of the  future)
 Peri Roberts                       Newcastle 
Gary McKenzie-Smith Award Ashley BrunetteBroadwater 
Algie up & comer award  Louie Pantelic        Mossy Point   
Big Wave Dave/Horizon Big Air Awar      Clayton Kane
 Philthy Phil Award Bernd Roediger               Hawaii

Side Stories about what went on

If the young clean and gentle Bernd from Hawaii is wondering why he wound up with  “The Filthy Phil” award… allow me to explain.
Filthy Phil was as clean as a whistle bro’. He was also an amazing guy. In fact, he was the first guy in this area to go wind surfing, and thus he was our committed leader, and water-sport mentor. He would often go over to Maui, absorb the experience, and then show us what it was all about. Phil opened our area’s first sailboard shop… and your own Randy Naish shaped lots of colourful “Mambo” boards in the shaper’s bay.
Phil’s dear friend and surfing buddy, Gary McKenzie Smith, designed and created his beautiful sails from up in the shop’s loft. (We honour Gary also).
Phil’s great friend Dare Jennings (who owned MAMBO) joined as our major sponsor, and years later, Phil ran Dare’s exotic mansion in Bali. Phil sadly died of cancer in 2011 shortly afterhelping Dare create The Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu for his new business Deus Ex Machina.
Fun Police
I guess it was only a matter of time before The Federal Fun Police dropped in to warn us away from the dangers of over-dosing on good clean Fun (with a capital F). Hey sergeant, the fact is that the beach is like a gigantic kiddies playground, and us little grommets pump up with joy on sunny funny days.
The sergeant’s sad story was that he once bought a pair of shoes from a drug dealer. He said that he wasn’t quite sure what they were laced with… but he’d been “tripping” all over the place ever since.
Naturally, he was very, very outraged (and quite suspicious) by our behaviour at The Good Vibrations event. We tried to point out to him that we regard every breath we take as a miracle, and that we are passionately in love with this amazing planet and its vast blue living oceans. He couldn’t see it.
So we explained to him that the local current was simply so bloody cold down here that it totally over-invigorated us all… and that absolutely no-one had ever worn such unusual shoes in Merimbula.  (We all wear flowery beach thongs in the sand of course)
 The lovely Frances then gave him one of her gorgeous smiles and a big red rose, and he tried his very best to actually smile back. 100% yes  (for trying).
So we don’t really think he’ll come along to our “Stayin’ Alive” event next year.
Hopefully this will be because Frances also gave him some great free advice !   “A smile costs nothing, but it’s worth a lot”.


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MSC supports local charity causes.
The club raffled a Go Pro camera at the 2017 Good Vibrations event with all money raised to be donated to Beyond Blue.
Thanks to Dave and Pascal, GoPro and Watermans Surf for their generous donation. The winner of the prize was contestant Warwick Lee

FOILING demo awards
This year we introduced a special exhibition category of FOILING. Awards were given for riding a foil board within the 3 types of sport
Kite    Seigo Akado, Fukui Japan             
WaveSailer   John Messenger    Palm Bch
SUP              Jack Harris

Once again, the number and variety of sponsors was amazing. It is due to the generosity of our sponsors that the contest goees from strength to strength. The prize table is laden with goodies for all contestants. We thank them all.
Please check out these sponsors on our sponsor page

2018 Merimbula Classic
The event will be held from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th November.
The theme is "Staying Alive" and we will be expecting multiple John Travolta's to be strutting their stuff on the dance floor on the Saturday night.
So, get out your coolest gear. Grease back that hair and burn up the dance floor. Jumpsuits, sparkle, frills and flounces are de rigeur for the ladies..
You have one year to practise your dance moves.. let us help you out here.. and here...
There is no excuse......


Lee Kavanagh smashes down the door.
Well, not literally of course. Lee is not a guy prone to angry axe attacks on ANYTHING. In fact Lee and his wonderful wife Natalie are extremely cool dudes. They are also an integral part of our competition and Nat has no hesitation in joining in, on stage, when we need some glitz and glamour. At our party night they always rock up in amazing costumes that are hand made by Nat with flare and originality. Her kids get the costumes also, and look amazing.
But every darn year Lee seemed to get pipped at the post in the kite comp. Every darn year…  Not any more !
It was an absolute joy to watch Lee hold up his first place MASTER trophy. His dream came true. Congratulations Lee…. You’re “THE MAN”
“They kiss on the ring… you carry the crown…
And nothin’ can break, no nothin’ can break you down”.... Brandon Flowers.

James Carew goes bozo !
Comes a time when the boy becomes the man.
Comes a time when all a father’s love, dedication and tuition blossoms into colourful fruition.
This was the year when that time came… and James took out 1st prize in the Men’s Open Kite.
He went bozo in the surf, with an aerial attack and wave slashing that showed agility and strength par excellence.
We’ve seen his skills on a SUP in huge surf so we know he can blow people away, but his future as a competitor has now gone beyond the ‘rising star’ category to full blown champ.
Look out world… James Carew succeeded……
(and nothing succeeds like success).

Keep checking.. more side stories to come