Special Awards
Ben Wilson Kite week and Namotu Island prize Beau Blake
The Ben Wilson kiter of the future    Zen Phillips
The GARY McKENZIE-SMITH Award Sean Carew
Algie up comer award Dylan Clifford
Philthy Phil Awar Dave Peterson
Big Wave Dave Award  Dave Stretton
Horizon Big Air AwarEwan Jaspan
KITE SURFING          
1. Ben Wilson Sunshine Coast
2. Brad Hampson      Cronulla
3. Lee Kavanagh       Old Bar
4. Jack Gearing         Swansea
1. Tom White Barwon Heads
2. Matt Ruthven     Fingal
3. Adrian Levy      Cronulla
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1. Kai Bates              Mollymook
2. Andy Davies Collaroy
3. Jaly Shimahara    Hawaii
KITE SURFING          
1. Michelle Malmedal Sollar    Central Coast
2. Kelly Gearing                     Swansea
3. Peri Roberts                           Newcastle
1. Cheryl Cater         Mollymook
2. Anthea Williams    SA
3. Carolyn Nugent      Merimbula
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Melissa McMannus      Wollamia
2.Tiahn Smith
3.Hannah Finlay-Jones
KITE SURFING          
1.James Carew      Beaumaris
2.Beau Blake Sunshine Coast
3. Jack Bailey
1.Taj Ladkin       Gerroa
2.Dean Heffernan
 Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Louie Pantellic Mossy Point                        
2.Josh Stretton       Port Stephens
3.Harrison Kane
KITE SURFING          
1.Rich Stenning
2.Troy Gibson
3.Olliem Brunton
1.Jason Cater     Mollymook
2.Ben Johnson     Maroubra
3.Robert Bratz
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Roger Saunders    Wolli
2.Chris Clarke
3.Paul Jonesy  
KITE SURFING          
1.Jeff Steele
2.Glen Brunette  Broadwater
3. Shane Simpson
1.Rohan Cudmore  Narrabeen
2.Warren Holder   Gerroa
3 Jason Juretic         
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) SURFING
1.Marty Carter
2.Michael Jenkins
3.Warwick Lee
KITE SURFING    Peter O’Keefe              
WAVE SAILING  Ginna Graham

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The 35th Merimbula Classic

Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th November 2015

Another one bites the dust....
It was a great contest with a bit of everything
There was over 230 competitors from Hawaii, NZ, France, WA, SA, Vic and Qld.
Howling SW winds on Thursday turned the bay into a white frothed up washing machine. The kites loved it and were jumping high.
At one stage the BBQ tent started to lift and it took about 6 guys to hang on and try to pull it down.The money tin fell over and a couple of $10 and $20 notes went flying across the oval.
Some people brought em back over to us..... thank you.

Friday was a day for the SUP's. They were out all day and the kites and windsurfers had a good time too. It was a lovely sunny day. At night we had the food fest with oysters, paella, ice cream, organic meats , coffee van and of course the bar, which ran out of cold beer.
Chelsea played and sang beautifully then Sam Mills wowed the crowd with his guitar playing. A harmonica player emerged from to join in.. they were all terrific..
Then a young French, Vic, girl stepped forward and she was wonderful, and then they jammed together. It was a great atmosphere under the trees on a lovely night whilst a huge full moon was starting to peep up from the horizon.
Everyone commented on what a great evening it was, and they loved just being able to walk back over to their apartments. We will certainly continue with this next year.
Saturday was another great day with NE winds. The beach to bar paddle race certainly sorted out the guys and gals.
That night the Figmentz absolutely rocked at Club Sapphire, and the whole auditorium was pounding, particularly in the AC DC set. Of course everyone knew the words and was singing along with great gusto.
The crowd were dressed up and the young guys ( and not so young..)  were in fine form on the dance floor. Teachers, students, even the parish priest were rockin thedance floor.
Sunday was a slow start with lots of bleary eyes, but the NE kicked in and the swell was a good size and the kites were loving it.
The paddle races were exciting, and there was a large contingent of paddlers  that undertook the down-winder to Pambula Beach.
The preso went off well with Henry getting the different groups up and singing "pleasure and pain" in a robust “sing off” . Pleasure and pain indeed.
It was definitely one of the best...and many of the first timers ( complete with their initiation shells) came over to say how much fun they'd had and declared they would be back!
Henry's Post Party Rap.
If anyone should tell ya you’re a stupid dopey fool
say, I graduated last night at the rock-n-roll school   
where those super-sexy girls looked SO damn cool
we were slippin’ and a slidin’ on the dance-floor-drool.
(Chorus) : It was a pool of drool 
those chicks were so damn cool
we were rockin’ on the dance floor there, not sittin’ on a stool 
be-cause ONE thing was for certain we were no fuckin’ fool,
yeah we were hoppin-and-a-boppin at the rock-n-roll school.
A-C D-C turned up to ring their bell,
but they told us we were cruisin’ on the highway to hell…
hells bells, were we cruisin’ for a brusin’  hey, how can you tell,
because I thought we were in heaven but we were headin’ straight to hell 
was it the Figmenz of a dream man…I just could not tell
were we slidin’ down the drool on the highway to hell ?
Now the teachers never scolded us or said “tuck in ya shirt 
‘cause those girls were goin’ off in their Chrissy Amphlett skirt
was it pleasure was it pain – was there anything to gain
we couldn’t tell the difference – WAS IT PLEASURE WAS IT PAIN ?? 
so we’ll have to learn the differ-ence then sing it all again –
yeah ----
(one line tone change)
“it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain”
and we’ll sing it, yes we’ll sing it, yes we’ll sing it all again…
(Repeat chorus)
Yeah baby  !
Read Henry's full Contest Report here

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