Rockin’ Down That Fine Fine Line.
There’s A Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain.
We did it once…. and we’ll do it again…”
When Chrissy Amphlett  recorded those lyrics we all had to re-assess our values.
                                   Was it pleasure - or was it pain ?
( And then she told us …“whatever you do, don’t try to explain”).
There was no FINE line at the Classic — it was pleasure all the way, until AFTER the comp, when some poor buggers had to drive home feeling totally washed out, then get up, and front up to work. (OMG, that pain we all HAATE!)
But it was worth it all, because the wind on Thursday kicked in with perfect timing right at the opening briefing, and the fun begun in the sea and the sun.
That first day blow, blew down our tent and also created many hand-callouses.
Dean Hendry was so proud of HIS hand he took a photo of it and pasted it on Facebook. Get a life Deano… we won’t be giving a ‘like’ for that self-indulgent selfie, but we might give a “like” to the shots of you sticking Matt’s ugly buck-tooth face down the dunny on Saturday night bro’…. (that’s what facebook was truly meant for) Matt seemed to enjoy getting flushed – and THAT makes us wonder.
                             Whatever you do don’t try to explain !
So that first day’s sailing session was certainly a ‘fine-line’ experience.
That great gale also blew up enough swell to set us up for the four good days.
And the wind also DIED right on queue. It fizzled into drizzle just at the perfect time to pack up at Ford Park and piss off over to the presentation on Sunday night.
Presentation night saw a HUGE prize pool. Please check out our sponsors list and purchase your summer surf goodies to support the guys that so generously provide prizes for our comp. Thanks for donating all that product dudes.
I’ve been to a lot of comps but there’s none that compares with ours as far as food goes. Thanks to Phil and his team. They work so hard on the playground yard.
Not only did the barbeque fire up for four hungry days, the ‘foodies night’ was a real success - so thanks to the club’s epicurean (Kerry) for working on that project. The music under the trees was blissful pleasure… no ‘fine line’ was evident at first. Then Condom Man made a brief appearance.
 I quickly hustled him away from the mike when he tried to give us all a lesson on safe sex, and THAT was quite painful. (Very anal actually !)
                             You did it once – Don’t do it again … !
Guy got a bottle of champagne for his crazy behavior and I hope he behaved himself after that. He actually has a lack of self-control that is quite interesting.
                                      (And don’t try to explain. !)
OOOhhh  …. Party Night was FUN !
Well it was…( for us party animals), but the bouncers had a painful time trying to curb their desire to rush up on stage,  pull the plugs out, and tell us all to pack up and piss off. You could feel their ‘DC’-current-of-angst rising (as the alcohol kicked in). Chasing the naughty boys was not their favourite sport, but they did it well. All to the tune of Acadaca’s Jail Break.
Thanks for being reasonably lenient and helping us so much, Club Sapphire.
The Figmentz are great…. And the AC/DC set they did was so well received that half the crowd who are going to see the real band next Sunday night will now sell their tickets on e-bay because they’ve been there, done that .
Better than real !
Thanks Figmentz…. The school of rock was graduating and I’m sure the photos will tell the story. We certainly enjoyed our cruise on the highway to hell.
Next morning I described the night in a rap song. ( I’m a really-rough-rookie-rapper ).
 The girls were dressed in Chrissy Amphlett tunics and the guys went along as Angus Young - in honour of our Stan Squire poster. What a hoot we had !
So our Club has been running this comp for 35 good years and it seems to keep getting better.
The three sports complement each other perfectly, and everyone gets wet.
The on-water performances were amazing and we are proud of the ‘elite’ surfstars who turn up each year with the aim of winning a trophy with ‘Merimbula Classic’ engraved somewhere. A win in our contest MEANS SOMETHING, hey?
The ‘not-so-hotties’ get pleasure from watching and learning (clinics are new)… and the townspeople love us for bringing the contestants here to spend all their money.
 Please always remember that the barmouth is a surfers wave, and keep your dangerous big clunkers well away from our locals when the swell gets HOT.
We don’t need beginners or super-greedy Suppers getting in the way of what the locals consider THEIR territory. Surf rage is NOT a pleasure…. There is no ‘fine line’ when sharing surf - the locals believe they rule - so keep it very very cool.
Hey, next year is Olympic year.
The theme will follow. (Lots of groups of five guys with a ring on their ring .Yuk)!
Party night will hopefully see you dress in your funky sports gear,…football, judo, hockey, cycling, gymnastics, basketball, boxing, equestrian…. You get the idea.
So it should be pretty colourful, and a bit of team raa raa-ing could well take place. We hope your urine samples don’t show any nasty performance enhancers or we will… we will…   (Help us here Glen…) We haven’t had a committee meeting to decide just what - just yet. But we will ! (And we’ll tell any Russians to pack up and piss off.)
We most certainly DO know that ‘it may be a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll’  and I absolutely know that all I need now is a nanny nap to help me get over the pain of puttin’ up with all you visitors… who took pleasure in sharing our club’s Classic event. Joe King…. You were warm and wonderful!
Special thanks to everybody in our club…the girls in the shed, and especially John Smythe as the director. He has a way of doing things that reek of the cool school.
But everybody proved they were way too cool for school…. and you all graduated with honours. Thanks for coming and helping us make it one of our better comps.
It was fun to dance our way down that fine fine fine line.


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