2016 Merimbula Classic
This annual event is now in its 36th year. Running over 4 days it encompasses kite surfing and surf sailing in the waves and SUP paddling both in the waves and in ocean races. Info on the SUP races here
Contestants will come together to register at the shed at Ford Park, Merimbula in the Kingdom of the South, at 10am Thursday 24th November. Late entries will be accepted.
Foamy Friday ... enjoy a 'lark in the park' late afternoon chill-out, with fine food and groovy musos, running into a foam-party (with a tribal beat). Details here
Anyone who knows anyone who has a spare party foam gun.... (for hire), please contact Henry
Saturday night is dress up party night with prizes for best costumes, slickest dance moves and merry behaviour.

Sunday evening is the presentation where the victors will preside over the vanquished and take up their ascendancy to the throne.

Well well well, here we go again.
Hope you’re ready to get into the foamy spirit of this year’s “Classic”. It’s going to be really full on, both in and out of the water.
The Game of Foams…Bring it ON !
Friday night “The Lark in the Park” will feature fine food from local restaurants, music, and foam games, plus…(maybe) mud wrestling, tug-o-wars. Menu:
PAELLA, FISH AND CHIPSfrom Cranky's Cafe
OYSTERS by Wilderness Coast Oysters
Eden Mussels by the Waterfront Cafe
Saturday night
is dance/party night with the Figmentz, that amazing rock and roll band that last year took us down the Highway to Hell with their superb ACADACA performances. We have included some costume ideas right here for your Party Night inspiration.
John Smythe and the team have been meeting and discussing all the typical topics, eg... DON’T think you are going in the downwind paddle-race this year if you are not wearing your “life-vest” dudes. And you all need to get your insurance organised over the next few weeks.. Kiters must register with Kiteboarding Australia. There will be facilities for Sup surfers and wave surfers to organise this at the contest.
So… enough said for now…please join us here in Merimbula for “The Classic” Game of Foams. Hopefully it will be great fun, but please remember to remember our most sacred contest rule…. no whingeing (or be sent into exile from this surfing kingdom.) Henry.

Merimbula Sailboard Club presents

Artwork by Stan Squire
The Kingdom of the South has been granted the rights to hold the "Game of Foams" under the guidance of the House of MSC over 4 days in November.
The games will take place both on and off the water over the entire 4 days.
Warriors will be required to participate in the ocean tied to their kite, upon their sailboard attached to sail, or aboard their SUP board armed with paddle. There will be opportunities for all to exhibit strength, skill, flair and cunning manoevures to outwit and outlast their competitors.
Many a beast will be slaughtered, nets thrown into the sea to haul in the fish, and the harvest will be gathered from the fertile soils of the castle gardens to feed the visiting tribes
And as the sun goes down the elders of the House of MSC will celebrate with their visitors around the barrels of ale and pitchers of wine. And the tribes will dance long into the night to the merry minstrels from around the Kingdom, and beyond. Jugglers and minstrels are urged to bring along your wares to entertain the throng under the stars on the Friday night.
And make no mistake... your behaviour is your badge of honour and is on show at all times. Greedy, drunken, boorish, whingeing laggards will join those, from the past, who have been banished from the Kingdom.. FOREVER.

The House of MSC looks forward to welcoming you.

ALL contestants must be covered by insurance for the events they wish to enter. Nobody will be permitted to participate without this. Evidence of insurance cover must be shown before finalising registration.
Kite surfers must join/renew their membership of Kiteboarding Australia before coming to the contest
There will be facilities to join SUP Australia and Australian Wind Surfing Association at the contest.

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Please support our sponsors when you are considering booking accommodation for the contest... Woodbine Park, Wanderrah Lodge, Tween Waters Holiday Park, Merimbula Holiday Park.
This is the longest running event of its type in the world. 36 years and still going.. and growing
This popular event attracts over 280 competitors from around Australia and overseas to Merimbula. It draws some of the sport's hottest riders from Australia and around the world and generates great publicity throughout the SUP, wave sailing and kite surfing media as well as coverage and exposure, both locally and nationally.

Being at the beginning of summer the Classic is an ideal opportunity for sponsors to showcase their product. We are half way between Melbourne and Sydney and 3 hours drive from Canberra so this ensures a good turn up of both competitors and spectators.

Sponsors names will be displayed on the poster, names/logos are published on the sponsors page and all sponsors are acknowledged at thepresentation. For information on becoming a sponsor of this event, and/or setting up a stall on the oval, email John Smythe
The latest sponsors to join up are Surftech/NSP,Slingshot, Aquaglide, Beachwheels, Ecoxgear, Onit, Railsaver, Finbox solutions, Vestpa, Puka patch, Paqua, Organic, Fusion entertainment.
MAJOR PRIZES (confimed )
Accommodation at Namotu Island Fiji for the Ben Wilson kite week.
A week at the Australian Academy of surfing villa at Balian, Bali.
Accommodation at Tween Waters Holiday park adjacent to the contest site.
Accommodation at Merimbula Beach Holiday Park.
Kites from Ben Wilson, Ozone, Best Kiteboarding
Kiteboards from Axis, Liquid Force
And the list is growing..