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We'll welcome you to Merimbula soon.
We guess you've been practising hard to get that little trick together (like Airton. hey?)
The sun will shine, the wind will blow. The tribe of hungry loonies will be gathering around the barbie looking for a snag.
The Party animals will be dressing up and getting REALLY crazy- loonie Saturday Night.
And the surf loonies will be smashing waves like they mean it.
Yes, welcome to Merimbula...
( you'd be loonie not to come)

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Merimbula Sailboard Club presents

The Merimbula Classic

Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th November 2015

After last year's epic event, the organisers are preparing for another Classic at Merimbula to celebrate a water fest of kite surfing, sup boarding and wave sailing. This will be the 35th year of this contest and it is shaping up to big bigger and better than ever ... could that be possible?
SO mark the dates, tune your boss for your annual leave and get your act together to be there .. or be square.
It'sTime to dig out that old school blazer, the oh-so-short school tunic and of course the grey shorts, the cap and the old school tie. If it's good enough forChrissie Amphlett and Angus Young, well, it's certainly good enough for us
I mean they knew how to rock! And so do we.... and so do YOU !
We have a great band lined up for Saturday night that is guaranteed to rock your stockings off on . Only those suitably attired will be admitted...
The bell will be rungto start these 4 days of mayhem at 10am Thursday 26th Novemberat MSC headquarters, main beach Merimbula. You will be dismissed after assembly on Sunday afternoon. (But only if you are not kept in for detention..... you may not be allowed to go home.... oh no!)
More details soon.




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This epic event is now in its 35th year. If you would like more details on how you could become a much loved sponsor, please contact Contest Director John Smythe.